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Knights of Liberty MC NJ


Knights of Liberty Motorcycle Club was formed in 2011 by a group of friends. These friends consisted of mostly police officers, veterans, firefighters, and civil servants. Our members consist of motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to experience the true essence of a motorcycle club. Knights of Liberty Motorcycle Club is dedicated to assisting veteran's organizations as well as supporting our troops and country. The original chapter of our club was formed in Northern New Jersey in November, 2011. Our founders placed emphasis on creating a club where it's members could focus on riding, charity, and brotherhood. The Knights of Liberty Motorcycle Club has many inspirations from its name to our club colors. Our main focus derives from medieval knights while emphasizing the importance of integrity. Medieval knights were called miles in Latin (which in classical Latin means soldier). In middle age society a knight was recognized as a man who possessed great combat skills while adhering to the code of chivalry. The knight was an elite warrior sworn to uphold the values of faith, loyalty, honor, and courage. A knight was a man of respect and dignity. When a man was knighted he was given rank in his society. When he took his final oath he pledged a lifetime of service to the king or queen, country, and God. A night was a man with many fine qualities including integrity, courage, respect, and honor.

These are all reasons why the knight is the main symbol of our club.